About Meaning of Art

The entire Universe is concentrated in one thin line on a blank piece of paper. What I see is a mystery of a human mind… Nobody ever can tell what is the meaning of all the signs and symbols hidden in a magic box of our imagination. What is it – intuition or just a reflection of some illusionary world?.

For me, any artistic work is not just an image it is a living creation, which has its energy and soul. It affects us; it makes us feel a presence of unknown. It touches us deeply and leaves an impression in our hearts.

Even though I create my artworks intuitively I always think about an impact they will have on people. I try to do my best to eliminate any negative images so my paintings and drawings would bring only peace and comfort to those who look at them.

© Liudmila Maksimovskaya "NIKOXXII" 2006. All rights reserved

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