Nikoxxii.com is a product of an experiment conducted in depths of an atypical mind. While the knowledge and experience form the foundation supporting the everyday existence, mysteries and puzzles merge with creativity and give birth to art, which, in its right, is almost like an entirely separate world.

For me, art resembles a being full of life and energy of its own. It not only mirrors the mind of an artist, but it also has the power to affect a viewer profoundly – to leave a long-lasting impression in his or her heart.

Drawing is an intuitive process. However, I always watch out for any destructive ideas, so I could eliminate them and transform a potential message of an art piece into a positive and encouraging one.

The purpose of my creative endeavors is to bring hope and promote solution-oriented outlook on life. The strange world in my works may look like an escape from reality, but it is only an appearance. All those intertwined symbols and colors are pathways into the root of life itself.

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