Name: Sahasrara (triptych)

Author: Liudmila Maksimovskaya NIKOXXII, DOB 1978

Geography: n/a

Made in (country/ city): United States, Rockford, IL

Date (when it was made): 05/21/2010

Medium: digital art, Photoshop

Dimensions (size): 2550 x 3300 pixels, 8.5 x 11 inches, resolution 300 pixel/inch (x 3)

Copyright © : Liudmila Maksimovskaya NIKOXXII

Description: The triptych was a product of meditation. It symbolizes stages of achieving enlightenment:

1 – Pride. A person starts feeling powerful and capable of things he/she never thought were possible to accomplish. An individual has to be careful on this level not to confuse the beginning with the final result. He/she also has to watch for pride, arrogance, and delusions. It’s essential to watch those emotions emerge but no to surrender to them, not to believe the self-importance messages. Eventually, the voices will diminish, as long as the practitioner does not treat the delusions as truths.

2 – Fear. Once a person faced the initial challenge – the obstacle of pride, he/she gains some level of tranquility.

It might seem final as well. But the peacefulness is temporary. The practitioner will most likely experience doubts later on and quit. He/she might start believing the freedom of mind is unachievable. Once again, if an individual observes the self-diminishing emotions, but continues following the path despite them, he/she can move on to the next step.

3 – Freedom. The last stage may not be available to all. It takes strength and a lot of effort to achieve the end. The freedom of mind may be different from one person to another and depends on the life goals and purpose, which a person considers the most important – how down-to-earth they are. Freedom of mind does not presume end of the human aspect. An individual may still experience pride or fear, but they won’t affect him/her. A practitioner will gain global consciousness and clarity. He/she may continue developing and reaching higher levels until his/her demise.