Gallery Energy Drawing

The Blue Child

To the knowledge of many, she did not exist.
She was dismissed
As a myth
That worth less than a penny
In a pocket of a wandering soul.
The being surrendered to all
And no one.


In the land of the Mighty
He is a neophyte.
He sees the pride
For what it is not
He sees the wisdom
In the absence of it.


My little girl,
Your soul –
The beautiful golden pearl
Is sheltered under the vastness of your innocence.
Your mind listens to,
Your heart loves all. - Gallery - Energy Drawing - A Woman In A River by (c) Liudmila Maksimovskaya NIKOXXII. All Rights Reserved. 2015

A Woman In A River

"Do you think it is weird", he continues, "having a dream here, considering that we may be dreaming right now?"

"I had dreams here before", Diana whispers. "What were you dreaming about?"

"I saw a woman in a river. She was swimming with her eyes closed… She was beautiful."

- "Dyn", The Battles Of The Soul book series by © Liudmila Maksimovskaya NIKOXXII

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Angel awaits his destiny
Patiently, readily,
Choosing empathy over material worth of it,
Tentatively switching identity
To the most suitable for the heavenly entity
He calls Astore...