Name: Red

Author: Liudmila Maksimovskaya NIKOXXII, DOB 1978

Geography: n/a

Made in (country/ city): Russia, Raduzhniy

Date (when it was made): 1995, 2001

Medium: pencil, watercolor paper, acrylic paint, gel pen (silver)

Dimensions (size): 4896 x 6600 pixels, 8.16 inches x 11 inches, resolution 600 pixels/inch

Copyright © : Liudmila Maksimovskaya NIKOXXII

Description: This work is one of my first abstracts. I started experimenting with various styles once realized I wouldn’t be following hyperrealism direction. I am confident I drew this picture around 1995-1996. I presume I wrote “2001” when decided to add the silver outline. I can’t be a hundred percent sure what the image symbolizes. My first call – some primal instinct (possibly related to sexuality). At the same time, I see a cell – some biological design – and a growing (developing in a womb) creature. Maybe the image represents a human potential? Since the meaning is vague, a viewer gets an opportunity to use their imagination as they please.