Puzzling Woman

Name: Puzzling Woman

Author: Liudmila Maksimovskaya NIKOXXII, DOB 1978

Geography: n/a

Made in (country/ city): United States, Rockford, IL

Date (when it was made): 09/25/2009

Medium: pencil, plain paper, photograph, Photoshop

Dimensions (size): 2550 x 3300 pixels, 8.5 inches x 11 inches, resolution 300 pixels/inch

Copyright © : Liudmila Maksimovskaya NIKOXXII

Description: Drawing for me, in many cases, resemble a meditation. Working on the Puzzling Woman was not an exception. Initially, I created the image to find out (intuitively) whether or not my family and I should move to Chicago. I have always loved large cities. Born in a large city, I grew up in a small secluded town and always wished I lived in a bustling street-web instead. Well, the image did not help and, eventually, I abandoned the idea of moving, so the answers were redundant. I was not aware of a different hint the picture revealed. The discovery came later. Soon after my younger son got an Autism diagnosis, I was able to solve a mystery troubling me for many years – I received an ASD diagnosis of my own and finally understood what was going on with my mind. The Puzzling Woman had become a kind of premonition and, eventually, a symbol of ASD in a woman.