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NIKOXXII.COM mission statement (or is a product of an experiment conducted in depths of an unusual mind...

My perception is altered by some unknown cause. And every day when I look through its stained glass window I try to make sense out of this world just like so many of us, humans, do.

Whatever is understood becomes one of the pillars on which the reality is built. Whatever is unknown merges with creativity and gives birth to art.

Through art I speak. Through art I seek for answers. Through art I express the truthfulness of self.

My path turns and twists and submerges into the dark. I've failed to make it straight, common and easy to comprehend but despite of all its maze like qualities I invite you on a journey with me.

The only thing that is left to say - if you wish to stay - Welcome, if you wish to leave - Best of Luck and Hope to See you again someday...

Liudmila Maksimovskaya "NIKOXXII"


Birth of Creativity (click to read the article)
How a unique way of drawing lead to expansion of creative possibilities.

NIKOXXII art - Native American

a quote from the article Birth of Creativity (click to read the article)

about the artist

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